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By using these settings, you'll be able to learn more about Word, and have many features available.

The settings are described for use with Word 2000, but can be found in similar locations in all other versions of Word.

The VBA code of selecting all tables: Select all tables with kutools for Word Comparing with using a VBA code to select all tables in a document, Kutools for Word’s Select Table is quite handy.

After installing Kutools for Word, No VBA, no complicated procedures, only one click will make all tables in the document are selected.

With the explanation in the previous two blog posts, it should not be hard to understand what’s going on here.We don't like some of the new interface that came with Word 2000.Mostly the toolbars and menus, and the multiple-document interface.There are times when you are processing a list when you might want to look at the values in the same row, but a couple of columns over. This is far more efficient than selecting the cell two columns to the right, processing your data, then remembering to select two columns to the left and continue. Select will select E251 (3 rows up and 2 columns left). If you want to offset to a column to the left of you or a row above you, use a negative number. You can loop through a list much more efficiently with Offset.

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We cannot understand why Microsoft would want to hide Word's features from us.

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