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Explaining her attitude to security at her £500,000 home prior to the arrests, she said: ‘I had an alarm but I did not really turn it on very much.I didn’t really have a lock on my door which I could shut.You don’t want to get to 32 and realise, ‘Shit…’” Still, Stone doesn’t want to be “a mummy on the road with my babies”, either.“They should have a normal life, not grow up in this one, because it’s not completely sane.” It certainly isn’t.• 100 best love songs of all time In 2011, she was estimated to be worth £9million. The singer, born Joscelyn Stoker, has been characterised in the media as a bit of an airhead and criticised for her very public endorsements of dope smoking.In 2007, after an appearance at the Brit Awards, she was roundly mocked for her accent, which seemed to have transmogrified from West Country to some sort of transatlantic drawl.In the year 2008, after working together for a music project, Joss got linked with the R&B singer Raphael Saadiq.The rumors further flared when they got frequently spotted together in several events.

She befriended the heirs to the British throne, attended the Royal Wedding and hung out at Buckingham Palace with Prince Harry.And finally, she adds, "Whilst we’re there, we visit a charity or somebody that’s doing something good." See more 10 Warm Cocktails to Help You Survive a Long Weekend With Loved Ones Not only does it help spread the charity’s message, but it’s also beneficial for Stone and her entourage, who learn about each country’s environmental and humanitarian issues along the way (in the States, for example, she stopped by Ann & Robert H. An added bonus: "We also get to meet the beautiful people around the world.They’re all volunteers, they don’t get paid." It’s what fans have come to expect from the kind-hearted 27-year-old soul singer, whose recently released seventh album, the reggae-tinged , is the product of four years of musical experimentation, soul-searching and travel (including an inspirational trip around Europe in a camper van with her boyfriend to nourish her hippie side).You play one major gig in every country in the world," explains songstress Joss Stone, who's already one year into her musical adventure.The next rule, explains Stone, is that she collaborates with a local musician in each country.

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Neither Danny nor Josh bothered to clear their break up reasons while at present no details of Danny’s current relationship got obtained.

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