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This page lists public record sources in Alameda County, California.Additional resources can be found on our California State Public Records page, on city pages, and on topic pages using the navigation above.We also spend the time to help you set up the kitty in its isolation/ room. Check out Pet Valu's website for events and info: We are excited to announce our first ever Paint Night event!This will be similar to our first Kitten Yoga event - there will be multiple kittens and cats running around, but this time all of us will have paint! And as an added bonus, ASHA's rescued felines will have fingerpaint and a canvas to create their own work of art as well! We will be raising funds for our furry rescued artists with a bake sale, as well as selling cat and dog treats, and holding a silent auction/raffle.Died In is a website that does exactly what you’d think: it tells you whether someone ever died in your house.The site was founded in 2013 by software engineer Roy Condrey after some tenants in a house he owned asked if he knew the house was “haunted,”Died In works by searching data from death certificates, news reports, and 130 million police records to determine first whether someone died in your house, and then more specifically whether there have been any underground meth labs on the property, arson, or murders.Still, Oakland’s city council seem to be the last people who could figure out if this swap is unfair, so maybe someone should do it for them. ) One place to start would be Oakland’s disclosure of the swap: On January 9, 1997, the City entered into a forward-starting synthetic fixed rate swap agreement (the “Swap”) with Goldman Sachs Mitsui Marine Derivatives Products, U. Under the swap agreement, which effectively changed the City’s variable interest rate on the bonds to a synthetic fixed rate, the City would pay the Counterparty a fixed rate of 5.6775% through the end of the swap agreement in 2021 and receive a variable rate based on the Bond Market Association index.The City received an upfront payment from the Counterparty of million for entering into the Swap.

The swap, entered into 15 years ago as part of a bond sale to hedge against rising interest rates, has turned sour for Oakland now that interest rates are near zero. Oakland is paying 5.68 percent on debt associated with the swap, even with interest rates at record lows.

Oakland has been fighting with Goldman Sachs over an interest rate swap for a while and I’ve always thought it’s a little embarrassing to talk about.

Obviously Oakland’s theory – “we entered into a bet, and we lost, so we want to pretend it never happened” – is pretty silly, but it’s like, yeah, Oakland has it rough, and Goldman has it less rough, so just give them some money, no?

Since rates are down since 1998, that is a sensible thing to be sad about, but it’s hardly Goldman’s fault.

Oakland’s synthetic fixed-rate deal with Goldman has a rate of 5.6775% for a 23-year bond thingy; from Bloomberg it looks like the same Oakland agency issued a 15-year fixed-rate bond in December 1997 at 5.65%, and you don’t see Oakland complaining to those bondholders just because rates subsequently went down. (the “Counterparty”) in connection with the 7,500,000 Oakland Joint Powers Financing Authority (the “Authority”) Lease Revenue Bonds, 1998 Series A1/A2 (the “1998 Lease Revenue Bonds”).

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