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Read more » Location: Sydney, NSW Married: September 2012 We were matched on the 10th December 2011, I saw Parker’s picture and profile and thought he was cute so I sent him an ice breaker.

From power-hungry pairs driving each other mad to doomed teenage romances, Shakespeare has been responsible for some of the world’s most celebrated couplings.

Instead, I was finding that I was continuously disappointed by the men I was meeting; there was never a spark and I couldn’t see a future with them.

Some of my mates had been talking about e Harmony and one of them in particular had landed herself a hunky, and very sweet, fireman on the website; I had to give it a go!

That’s the gamble, and when it comes to choosing a partner, fidelity is a core aspect most of us require.

Negative thoughts, on the other hand, tend to depress both your immunity and your mood.

And remember that both types of thoughts tend to attract their physical equivalents.

Live Chat hours are 8 Please note, the Relationship Questionnaire does not affect things such as the age and distance of your matches, which can be controlled through your "My Settings" area.

Positive thoughts are accompanied by positive changes in your body’s biochemistry.

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  1. The initiation and maintenance of intimate, romantic relationships have been linked with improved physical and emotional well-being, stronger perceptions of community attachment, and better developmental outcomes for the individuals (e.g., Amato ).

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