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Most of you are probably not looking to change your sex life next month or next year, you want to start hooking up now, and that’s why you’re here.Increasing your chances of finding a hook up is easy, and all about information and communication. You want at least one good picture that includes your face and shoulders.There's a theory that the best way to win a best actress Oscar is by a dramatic change in appearance.From young to old, beautiful to haggard, from Meryl Streep to Margaret Thatcher.At least no-one can accuse Marion Cotillard of deliberate Oscar-hunting.

Even before we met, he was on my to-die-for director list. Usually, I connect emotionally with a character, and I discover all the layers. There is something so mysterious about her, I felt I didn't know her at all."You could almost level the same accusation at the actress.Of course, all these words fall short because, while they describe the discrete steps that make up an act, they are like words about a ballet that can never capture the dance.What really happens is that the body moves in one fluid motion, begins in the bed and winds up in the chair, and there is nothing between the two points but a blur. The body can do the work, but first a fire must be lit in the soul. This part cannot be slighted or the blackness will take over, and then the reel begins playing in the mind, that hideous tape that nothing seems to erase or edit or alter, the tape that zooms in and out of scenes so swiftly the body feels vertigo, and the eye focuses in disbelief on a pin, a small metal grenade pin, and the entire universe--yes, all of it--wrenches to a halt to consider one simple question: Is that pin straight, or is that pin bent?No matter how often the eye tracks this act, it fails to see what it knows must be happening. This requires three entire hours--relentless, grueling hours. For thirty-one years, since that day the body almost died, the universe has considered this one question.Now the workday begins, and the first part of the day is always the hardest part. The workday begins because there has to be a reason for the left arm or there is nothing at all. I stood on the edge of our bomb crater, that had been my home for five days and five nights, stretched out my six-foot, two-inch frame, and was caught up in excitement. The desk in his Senate office is scattered with biblical quotes and other writings.

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That is it, the glowing numbers announcing the time, the velvet darkness, and then, with the light switched on, the line whispering off the plaque.

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